Monday, March 1, 2010

LaGrange to re-open April 2010

The West Islip Association, formerly known as the La Grange Task Force, is pleased to announce the re-opening of La Grange Inn. The Task Force was organized, through the efforts of Suffolk County Legislator Tom Barraga, in March of 2008. The Association (WIA) was formed in September of 2009 to address situations of concern to the residents of the West Islip Community. The goal of the Association is to work with the community, community groups and local officials to ensure that West Islip maintains its character and remains a comfortable place in which to live and work. WIA has met with some success in encouraging a pleasant look to West Islip’s main streets and public buildings.

Challenging economic circumstances made the preservation of LaGrange a difficult undertaking. WIA has carried on the Task Force’s purpose by working with the current owners of La Grange to find a suitable operator who would continue to preserve the Inn’s historic significance as the centerpiece of West Islip. After months of negotiations aimed at saving the endangered building, it appears that LaGrange will remain the Hamlet’s landmark.

The Association’s Board of Directors has met with the new operators who are enthusiastic, energetic, and prepared to make the La Grange a premier catering hall. Dennis Garren, Scott DiDonna and Dave Rousso are planning to begin operation as a catering facility by mid April or early May. After their meeting with the new businessmen, WIA Board members were afforded the opportunity to tour the Inn which is currently under renovation. The original design of the landmark will remain intact and these gentlemen are optimistic that they will provide the type of service which will become the hallmark of West Islip’s little corner of history.

WIA wishes the new operators much success and encourages West Islip’s local businesses and residents to include the La Grange when planning an event.