Friday, June 20, 2008

Vision of the Future for West Islip

We remember in 1978 that the Town of Islip commissioned a study for the development of
the hamlets within the Town. West Islip was part of that study. La Grange Inn was considered an anchor of the community that added historical significance and a shared sense of elegance to the community.

As the La Grange property, the Babylon Ford property and the realtor and Ukrainian Church properties come up for sale, an new and visionary future could emerge wherein the owners of these properties could unite to creat a village green with shops, apartments, and gathering places for the community centered around the preservation of one of the oldest Inns on Long Island.

As members of the Task Force to preserve the character and purpose of La Grange and as residents who hope to see a brilliant future for West Islip, we invite other concerned citizens who are opposed to a Walgreen Store at La Grange corner to step forward and offer the owners of these properties better ideas for the development of West Islip.

Perhaps, a Marriott or Hilton hotel or a major restaurant operator could partner with the owners to create West Islip's La Grange Square, a place for multiple uses that would compliment our fine library and attract many new residents who wish to share a beautiful community life style.

Please share your ideas with the La Grange Task Force and contribute to the future of West Islip.

bob and kay

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Anonymous said...

This vision of a united community
setting is sweeping our nation. All across the country small towns
are reclaiming their main streets.
Towns are reinventing themselves through smartgrowth programs which
turn ordinary local highways into
beautiful walkable, pedestrian- friendly downtowns. Multi-use buildings are utilized for storefronts, apartments, and office
space. The buildings are built close to the sidewalks w/parking
behind. The sidewalks are lined
w/beautiful trees and lamp posts.
This inviting atmosphere encourages
citizens to walk from shop to shop,
which conserves the environment by
reducing automobile traffic. This utopian lifestyle can be achieved
here in West Islip. However, in order for this to happen the community both North & South need
to become one. This vision is not
out of our reach. Lets do it.